Sufganiyot… the Starbucks ‘Red Cup’ of Israel

For all the Americans (or internationals) living in Israel, it’s the one time of year we are all missing the esteemed RED CUP. Any hard core Starbucks lover only needs to hear the words RED CUP and we all know exactly what that means…. holiday season has officially arrived!

No, we don’t have the RED CUP, but we do have our own holiday officiator… Sufganiyot! As soon as they start popping up in bakery’s and cafe’s we know that Chanukah is near.  Those wonderfully, calorie packed pieces of heaven are just what we need to get into the holiday spirit.

So, grab your “one-size-too-big-pants” and start enjoying this time of year with a few extra strawberry, dulce de leche, chocolate, or even cappuccino calories (a mere 400-600). It will be worth every bite!


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