Bursting Our Bubble

tlvIt’s been over a week since Operation Pillar of Defense ended, but we are still talking about it… sorta.

The topic comes up every now and then… like when I went to get my haircut and my hairdresser asks me, “What did you do when the first siren went off?” or when I was in Prague and the guy I met in Starbucks asks me how it was really like during “the war”?

Being a Tel Aviver, we aren’t accustomed to rockets flying at our city… at least we haven’t been for a while.  Many people say that Tel Aviv is it’s own bubble of sort, to which I kind of agree.  The bombs had been hitting the south of Israel pretty much all year, and we go on with our lives as if it’s another country down there.  Sure, we felt sympathy for them, but until that first rocket was launched to OUR city, we didn’t feel much empathy.  How could we? We were living our lives “siren free.”

Then came that first siren.  I can still remember it, because like most people in the city I thought it was a drill.

Did I run to shelter? Ummm, no.

Did I every time after that? Most certainly, yes.

The defining factor was simply this: The incredibly loud BOOM that was heard and felt throughout the city after the siren had ceased.

Talk about a wake up call! Our Bubble had officially been Burst! And to add insult to injury, we experienced the first bus bombing our city has seen since 2006. POP! 

For the next seven days Tel Aviv had joined the rest of our country in what became a quick and ‘confusing’ Operation. We ran to twitter and facebook every time a siren went off. We tweeted about the success of our incredible Iron Dome.  We did what we could to support the IDF and the thousands of reserves who were being called in.

And then, after a long week of extreme stress, it was over just like that. No more sirens, no more exploding busses, no more Iron Dome Interceptions…

Back into our Bubble we go???

This time I’m not so sure.  I think there is more of an awakening within our city.  Don’t get me wrong… we still go about our business as if nothing has changed, but there’s just that little ‘ping’ inside us now….

The new “statehood” of Palestine…

Iranian nuclear warheads…




Although Ceasefire is the word of the moment, there’s always that doubt of the calm before the storm.  And as Tel Avivers, we are right there with the rest of our country, with sticky bubblegum stuck to our faces 🙂


5 comments on “Bursting Our Bubble

  1. Reblogged this on incendiusphasma and commented:
    I wonder that if this kind of event happens in America if we will realize what is going on in our world or just go back into our bubble. Thankfully the Palestinians wont forget but the people who were not nudged directly from this will. Many of us have learned that even a catastrophe like 9/11 has been predominantly forgotten after the authorities deemed it the start to a war that would lead us into the complete desecration of the Middle east. The books were written and the “facts” laid out and there has been a hush, hush taboo on the subject ever since. Except from those who knew that the reason for the entire thing was a lie. I guess the best way to read this reality would be to never look away from it. No matter how grotesque, corrupt, bloody, confusing and heart-breaking it is we must never let go of knowledge.

    • Not quite sure what you are trying to say exactly with the phrase, “Thankfully the Palestinians wont forget but the people who were not nudged directly from this will” ????

      You are right about not letting go of knowledge, but unfortunately the truth during this entire situation has been very one-sided and full of Hamas-filled lies.

      • I was referring to Americans mostly with the end of that phrase. It is the mind set of the US to forget unpleasant things. At least there will be some people who actually remember, like the Palestinians, since they were there and probably the surrounding districts too.

        During the crisis I was trying very hard to find unbiased information. In the beginning it was all pro Israel and then it switched to the other side, Gaza. I understand that their has been conflict in that zone for a very long time since my mother lived their when she was a child but this sends up red flags to anyone who has been following the United States conquering road. The middle east is being torn up and the Gaza event doesn’t seem like it was some random mood swing, it had purpose.

        How do the Israeli people feel about this whole thing do you think?

      • I am sorry for all of this 😦 We don’t have any conflict here in the US so we have no idea what it is like. We are just always there you know 😦 instigating with the UN….

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