UN: ‘United’ Nations Indeed… but United for?!?

unTo say that I am unhappy with the UN is putting it mildly… I haven’t been a fan of theirs for a long time, but this latest decision was the cherry on the top!

Apparently, giving statehood to Palestine is of the most urgent importance our world faces at the moment.

Not the hundreds being slaughtered in Syria…

Nor the thousands of Eritreans fleeing their country due to the holocaust there, only to then be killed and raped in the Egyptian Desert…

What about the Iranian government murdering citizens for opposing Islam…

Nooooo, these issues are just not as important as rewarding a terroristic run territory with their own bid…. now THAT is what is TOP PRIORITY!

Even as videos fill the internet of Hamas dragging a “supposed informer” through the streets behind a motorcycle, warning what will happen to spys:

And articles written in the New York Times giving explicit details on what happens to anyone who opposes this “government”:

Yet, despite all this we are supposed to turn a blind eye and give them what they want?!? I can only imagine what would happen if any other country’s government behaved like this… it’s absurd!!!

Not to mention all the countless stories I’ve heard of former UN workers, and how much corruption is involved in daily operations. It makes me sick!

I actually aspired to work for the UN at one point in my naive younger days, and thankfully I never did.  People might argue that they also do a lot of “good” in the world; and while that is also true, I ask the question, “at what point though does it equal out?”

I will give them this… they are UNITED as their title claims… but what they are united for is something I will not stand behind!


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