What’s a holiday in Israel without Hummus?!?

hummusAfter four years of living here, I finally did something that I probably should have done years ago…. made homemade hummus!

You would think it would be one of the first things I attempted to make, but when there is ample supply in every corner store, it’s just easier to buy it. (excuse #1)

Call it the holiday spirit bringing out the Martha Stewartness in me or the fact that I had 25 kilos of chick peas sitting in my kitchen, but whatever the motive was I decided to dive in.

In just two days I will be cooking a big American Christmas Dinner for friends and families I work with… turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce (that’s a whole other blog about finding/getting a can of that) the works… so how can we have a huge Holiday Dinner without our staple Hummus?!?

Turkey with Hummus? Great!

Bread Rolls with Hummus? Awesome!

Mashed Potatoes with Hummus? Why not!

Gotta Have It!

So I added lemons, garlic, and tahina to my list and made a WHOLE lot of Hummus!

I will admit the first batch was a bit garlicly, but I perfected the second batch and mixed it with the first to make a super yummy huge batch.

And while I found my Hummus to be delightful, I guess I’ll have to wait and see how all the guests react.

After all…. What’s a Holiday in Israel without Hummus?!? 🙂


3 comments on “What’s a holiday in Israel without Hummus?!?

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