The Hobbit meets The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict… Intro

bilboYou know Middle East Conflicts are a part of your daily life when you cannot even watch a movie without comparing characters to our “situation”.

I finally went to see The Hobbit this past weekend, built anticipation and all. To say that I was looking forward to this movie for some time would be an understatement…

The Hobbit was the very first book I ever read for a school book report (some looooong years ago, date unimportant), and since I have even read it a couple times. The latest was this past summer, to refresh the story in my mind, preparing for the movie. (Yes, I’m that much of a Geek I guess you can say.)

Wearing my sexy 3D glasses, sitting in an almost empty IMax Theater in Rishon LeTsion, and surviving the longest trailer in the history of trailers (The Next Star Trek Movie), I was ready!

Then a funny thing happened.

Throughout the movie I began visualizing various characters/groups within the never-ending Israeli/Palestinian Conflict. I wasn’t even meaning to do it, subconsciously it just happened. It wasn’t as much the physical traits that triggered it (though some are surprisingly uncanny), but the whole overall story and journey of each group…

The Dwarfs as Israelis… (Details coming soon, don’t judge me yet!)

Orcs as Hamas and Hezbollah… (I’m sure I’ll get some hate mail for this one)

Saruman as the UN… (can you already sense distrust?)

Gollum as… well you’ll have to wait to see where my mind took me for him 😉

Needless to say, throughout the entire film, another movie was playing inside my head simultaneously.  I just couldn’t stop it! It became a monster that only grew and grew…

So, as much as I might upset people with my analysis and comparisons, I’m forging ahead on this “Unexpected Journey” (to be cliche).

I hope you’ll stick around and join me….

(Coming up Next: The Dwarfs)



7 comments on “The Hobbit meets The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict… Intro

  1. Interesting Mo. Looking forward to the details although…those who disagree might just chalk it up to too much #falafelinthehood. (okay….I had to think about how to get that one in there)

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  3. You went to Rishon? Cheap seats? Suitable hours? Combined stop at Ikea? I can’t get over how you know this country like the palm of your hand, and nowhere is too far, close, scary, hot, cold, wet, arid. Great that you watch a beloved story onscreen and simultaneously outline/sketch your own takeaway/parable/lesson to process, develop, and share. (Now I see why I sent you today… before even reading your Hobbit series… the link to the author who wrote, “…When I reflect on some of my goals for the year, there is a consistent theme of keeping my hand raised, pressing publish. Speaking up, fearing less. Claiming what I know. Applying, throwing my name in the hat….” — XO

  4. Sauron is Mohammad
    One Ring is Koran
    Melkor is Satan
    Saurons spirit and will is Islam
    Gandalf the Holy Bible and Spirit
    Elves are christians
    Haradrim are Arabic nations

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