The Hobbit meets The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: The Dwarves


As you read in my Intro Post, I made the comparison of The Dwarves to Israeli’s in my mind-driven quest.  Though I say Israeli’s, I was actually referring to Pre-Israel State Jews as my comparison and here’s why:

The Dwarves in The Hobbit are characterized by being displaced and dispersed from their original homeland (The Lonely Mountain aka Israel), and since living in various lands with other peoples. The entire quest of the movie is to reclaim their homeland, while continually being attacked and challenged by enemies along the way (Sound Familiar?!?).

Since their displacement, the Lonely Mountain has been inhabited by various enemies: Orcs, Dragons, Trolls etc. all whom covet this precious land filled with gold and jewels. (The Land Filled With Milk and Honey ring any bells?!?)

The 13 Dwarves on the journey come together from various lands in which they’ve been scattered, all with a common goal to return home to their promised land (Maybe they were the first Zionist Dwarves).

Besides the whole, claiming-our-land-as-ours-again similarity, I had to laugh at other likenesses I found, comparing them to my dear people:

Love to EAT and have a good time while doing it!…

Comedic Humor at their own expense…

Hard on the Outside, but Soft on the Inside (Sabra’s 🙂 )…

Awesome Beards…

Dare I say (noses) [You can blame my friend Avishai for that one]! LOL…


Proud of their ancestry and their People

Ruggedly Handsome (some would say hehe)…

…just to name a few

And it seems like my analysis is quite spot on! As I was reading some history about The Hobbit, I found that Tolkien (the author) was actually influenced by Jewish texts and history when creating the Dwarves.

Kinda Cool!

So, as the story unfolds, we will just have to see if their quest to reclaim Israel (The Lonely Mountain) is a successful one, and if all the other scattered Dwarves will eventually join them at their final destination!


(Coming up next: The Orcs)


9 comments on “The Hobbit meets The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: The Dwarves

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  2. Good anaology – interesting fact about Mr Tolkien being influenced by Jewish texts. The orcs analogies may present many irate people (depending upon who reads this blog. Looking forward to more Dad

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  4. I actually had the same anology while watching the movie, reflecting on the fact that I am a Palestinain. As it might reflect to the Pre-Israel state, it actually refeclts to our situation now.

      • I am happy that we are looking at it in an objective way. It is stupid to deny the right of any party to live peacefully. The Jewish people have suffered big time over history. I will not discuss facts or go into further debate, but it broke my heart seeing the Dwarves being homeless and in a journey to regain their home.

        For our generation we live the same suffering as the Thorin’s generation. We are expelled, homeless, and not respected. We suffered from Arabs more than we suffered by the loss of our grands’ homes, irrespective of the conflict.

    • Hi Zaher! I am an Israeli who resides outside of Israel/Palestine.
      Whenever anyone asks me whether I have any Palestinian friend I say no. I actually never had a chance to make any Palestinian friend and know about their opinions or ideas. I wonder if I could do that with you. Respectfully.

  5. You wrote: “I had to laugh at other likenesses I found, comparing them to my dear people” and I howled reading your list of likenesses. Each example, more witty than the other. (Especially howled at the first one: “Love to EAT and have a good time while doing it!…”) You really have this scene down, Mo. You could write scripts a mile-long with your insights based on full-tilt living here. Love you.

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