The Hobbit meets The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Orcs

orcs2To begin talking about the Orcs is to jump out onto a ledge.  I’ve already been warned to be careful with how I proceed, so carefully trodding I will begin…

I’m sure we ALL know where I’m going with this one… It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, but here goes.

In every epic story there is always Good vs Evil.

Our world is steeped with it, and Middle Earth is no different.

If the Dwarves, representing Jews on their journey home, are the our “Good” characters then by process of elimination the Orcs must be any/all evil forces trying to stop them in their quest.

While one could argue there are MANY different sources being antisemitic, I will narrow it down to the 2 most outspoken of all of them… Hamas and Hezbollah.

I want to right here and now state that when I say Hamas and Hezbollah, I am referring to the TERRORIST groups who exist within Palestine and the surrounding areas.  I am NOT referring to the entire group of Palestinian people, so please don’t shoot me down yet.

Orcs are vile creatures, filled with HATRED and DISGUST. They say things like, “We will crush your bones and feast on your flesh”. GROSS!

Similarly, I have heard phrases stated by Hamas in reference to the Jewish people and Israel as a whole, “killing of Jews is worship to AllahGROSSER!

Moreover, Orcs are defined as “making no beautiful things, but rather designing cunning devices made to hurt and destroy”.  I can’t really remember the last “beautiful” thing these terrorist groups have made besides their concoctions of weapons and homemade missiles. Correct me if I’m wrong.

There are many variations of Orcs, some stronger and some weaker. There are “super-soldiers” and there are smaller “trackers” who do dirty little deeds.  The same goes with these terrorist groups. We have Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda… etc. Some send in suicide bombers, some plant cells, and some just go straight for the big kill.

Tolkien even referred to Orcs as corrupted men or elves.. the key term here being, corrupted!

Now, here’s my political spiel for the day: At some point you must take a stand! Do you side with Good or Evil?

In movies, it’s usually pretty clear which is which, but for some reason in life it’s not always as easy to tell. In my opinion, Terrorist Groups (who’s clear reason to exist is to wipe out an entire people group) are on the side of Evil… but for some unknown reason to me, many people don’t see it like that.

I really didn’t want this to become a political post, but at the same time, comparing these Terrorist Groups to Orcs might be just that.  And in case you need a little more convincing:

(scarily close, eh?!?)


(Coming up next: Saruman) 


14 comments on “The Hobbit meets The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Orcs

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  2. I read a while ago (I think when Hamas was elected to run Gaza) that Hamas does a lot more than terrorism. They provide lots of aid and other services to local population. Education, healthcare all this stuff. We can denounce their many hateful statements and terrorist behaviors but bottom line for the local people these are the only people fighting for them and giving them a voice. Real-life is indeed far more nuanced usually than fiction.

    • Matt,
      Yes, real-life is far more nuanced than fiction, and you should really be careful of where you are reading and receiving your information.

      As far as Hamas providing aid to their population, let me give you a few statistics: each week Israel sends 1,520 trucks of supplies into Gaza. A breakdown of these supplies are (in trucks): 346 food products, 130 humanitarian products, 6 medical, 43 hygiene, 80 animal food, 28 clothing, 107 plumbing, 649 Construction materials, 42 Electrical products, 12 agricultural products, rest misc.

      427 Tons of Cooking Gas is given to them as well as providing their water and electricity. And this is on a WEEKLY basis, throughout the entire year! (This is not counting international aid that they also receive.) If Hamas is providing so much of their own aid why is all this needed to sustain Gaza?

      Healthcare: Most Gazan’s who require serious healthcare are treated by Israeli’s…not Hamas.

      You are correct in that they do provide education for the people. Here is a great example of this “education”:

      They rule Palestine with threats and fear. They are not looking out for the best interest of their “people” and this is clear when they use children as human shields and drag anyone they pose as a threat to them through the streets of Gaza, tied behind motocycles.

      The media has for too long ignored the truth and refused to show what is really happening over here. It’s time we as a world wake up to what they are truly about!

      Also, if you are looking to read some truth about the real life of Hamas and Gaza, I encourage you to pick up the book, Son of Hamas. He is the son of the founder of Hamas and writes about what it is really like being on the “inside” of Hamas, and how he got out. He is now one of the biggest supporters of Israel and is very vocal in educating the world about the truth (with a price tag on his life, of course!) 🙂

      • I apologize if my comment sounded too much like a defense of Hamas. That was not my intention. I did read what I read however and it is factually accurate. Hamas did provide social aid in terms of food and other things after they took over Gaza. Regardless of how evil they are they got elected and I think my goal was to just offer an idea about why some locals might support (or supported in the past) them. And yes I agree it is great that Israel provides the aid that it does. Last thing and I probably should have just said this in my original comment: I think comparing humans to fictional, pure evil characters is unwise. But if it is what you think, more power to you.

    • Yes you are right Hamas does a lot more then terrorism, they also use there own population as human shields, they use the basements of their hospitals and schools to store large amount of rockets and ammunition. They have missile launchers under the field of soccer stadiums and children playground. The aid that Hamas brings in to Gaza is the aid that Israeli tax payers pay for. Yes Hamas does more then terror they make uneducated people feel bad for a organization that puts 95% of it’s fund in their military force and would love to see the world burn in the name of islam.

      • Matt, I do understand your intentions, but as good as they are I think the difference between our situation is that over here we actually see first hand what is truth, and what is “factual” as you say, yet in terms of media. Yes, they did give out AID and and food, but to with price. They provide it for those who join their cause, and while it looks like they are helping, in reality these people become agents. There is always a price for receiving their help… storing weapons, using their houses as hideouts, etc. Yes, you are right in why the some locals agreed to “support” them, but as I said it comes with a price. Nothing is free with them. Its like making a deal with the devil, and MANY have suffered because of it. In comparing them to fictional characters I am not saying they ARE them, I’m just pointing out similarities. The main idea is the message: We need to start recognizing these problems and this terror taking place and take a stand against it. If you don’t like when people take fiction and use it as examples of situations in real life, that is completely understandable and you are free to your opinion.

  3. I am personally against both Hamas and Fateh as a paltestinan. I am not here to discuss also the conflict.

    I do believe the story was written a while ago 1937, which means that if it stems from the experience of Tolkien, should reflect to what was back then and not what is currently happening. Although the movie could possible make the tie, but i highly doubt that the story relates to current conflict.

    • yes, u are correct, the story was written back then when our situation was not current. My reflections are only comparisons to what is happening now; I don’t mean to say the story was written to reflect out current conflict. Thank you for your comments and opinions.

  4. Tolkien’s writings transcend time and place because they are symbolic. I am German. You could also have the Nazis be the Orcs – a once strong race (men or elves) who became perverted (in the case of the Orcs, so much so that their outward appearance eventually mirrored the ugly inside). Or Russia with its long history of antisemitism, since you made the connection of the Orcs being anyone who hinders or attacks the dwarves/Jews. I know it’s a unique and unusual parallel but – I’m with ya! 🙂 It’s not as strange as you may think.

  5. You could very easily make the case for the other way around. The story of Palestinians being pushed out of their homes and scattered into many other states did happen(not saying how they left just pointing out that they left and are banned from returning). Also, Palestinians also love food, make jokes at their own expense, have much pride, and are sometimes attractive (though it is true Tolkien based the dwarves on the Jews but the books and movie vary greatly). Likewise, in the eyes of a Palestinian, the IDF and Israel’s other security services can be seen as corrupted humans, with a hierarchy of militarism, and having gross ideas of “putting Palestinians on a diet.” No matter how hateful Hamas and Hezbollah members may seem, the have families and children too. And you do acknowledge that good vs evil is not as simple in the real world, but if you portray terrorist leaders in such a villainous way, it is too easy to become just as hateful as them.

  6. It’s funny because I see the movie as an allegory too but the other way around: like Dwarves are Palestinians cast out of their land, and Smaug the Dragon is the Zionism/British Imperialism that forced them to do that. Do I have to remind you that Palestinians muslims, chistians and jew, lived together until Israel was established and chased millions of Palestinians of their land. Some of them dreaming of return and even keeping their old key!(Oh like Thorin Oakenshiled in the movie!)
    And I have to say I find it very indecent the way you see things(as well as the way you represent Palestinian resistance) since actually, the people oppressed there are Palestinians by the cold-blooded machine called.. Israel.
    Hezzbollah is not the evil organization you present! Your country is. And they resist to their enemy. As Hamas did. However I have criticism against them but not yours which are caricatural and very propagandist. I don’t know if you believe your lies or if you’re just one of these jews not realizing what Israeli really is since this country puts heavy lies and propaganda in your head.(I’ve seen it with my own eyes when I went there).

  7. So good to see people vocalising how ridiculous your outlook is. I can see the intent in what you say and drawing parallels between LOTR and Palestine/Israel is what brought me here in the first place, but come on, you’re gonna believe everything your government tells you?
    You send them aid? Is that right? Why do you send them aid? Because they need it? Because they are imprisoned? Because they have been dispossessed? Because their diet is regulated? Does a prison guard give food to his prisoners? Yes to all the above.
    It’s a complex and distressing history of course. Many, many needless atrocities. Yes both sides have been the victims at certain points but come on, you can’t think for one second that Israel deserves the largest sympathies. It’s a scratch compared to a missing limb, a haircut compared to a decapitation.
    I feel awful now. Saying this feels horrible, especially after the disgusting murders that occurred in the Synagogue in Jerusalem. But it’s immediate, close-to-home tragedies like this that remind Israelis who to hate. Focus! Hate the bad ones! Don’t forgive them! Don’t understand them! Support the Army!
    Don’t forget, people who perform such horrible actions have known nothing but tragedy, nothing but imprisonment, nothing but disappointment their whole life – either that or something really fucked up happened to them recently. (Um, since you love stats so much, tell me; how many times have muslims in mosques in Jerusalem been murdered by militant Jews? Quite a few, right?)
    As you so affectionately mentioned, most Palestinians are not unique, not heroes or murderers. They’re students, sisters, mothers, fathers, sons etc… They eat, shit, laugh, drink and eat some more. Just like you.
    But even these terrorists were like that at some point too, before they too experienced tragedy. Always think about cause.

    “What caused this?”
    “A Palestinian terrorist.”
    “Yes, but what caused the Palestinian terrorist man!!???”
    “Uuuuh, hatred for Jews?”
    “FFS. What caused the hatred?”
    “Uuuuuh, the towels on their heads?”

    Come on, I know you’re not stupid. People don’t just hate for no reason. It’s all a result of their environment – which just so happens to be 100% under the control of, well, like I said, you’re not stupid.
    So before you become like one of them, filled with hate. Let’s think about forgiveness, compassion, understanding. Let’s show them that we can all aspire to the same thing. Let’s remember that this world is round, boarders are imaginary and the only thing we have to do is let go of the past and grab hold of the future, together. It will be tough, but it will be.
    Yes I’m a cheesy hippy, but I tell you what, I’m not the only one. Oh, and I’m also happy. Join me.
    I love you.

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