The Hobbit meets The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Saruman

sarumanYou might be wondering at this point why I would even include Saruman in my saga, after all he barely made an appearance in The Hobbit!

And here’s why: His appearance and behavior was brief, but an important foreshadowing in upcoming events.. not to mention ridiculously close to our beloved UN: you know, the organization that is SUPPOSED to be neutral, always wanting the best for all mankind!

Saruman is one of the 5 great wizards, the head of all wizards in fact. Having great power, we all know, can either turn for good or for bad, and in his case he turns toward Evil.  He is a perfect example of corruption in power…

…Leading to the UN. Ohhhhh the United Nations! I could write non-stop about them, but I’ve already taken my stance, so I’ll move on.

Sarunam says things like:

“What Enemy? There is no enemy.” (as if there is no threat of danger anywhere… no orcs, no dragons, no trolls, no man-eating wolves)

“Always you must meddle. Looking for trouble when it does not exist.” (After Gandalf’s explanation of orcs and trolls attacking daily.)

Never wanting to support the Dwarves or their journey, Saruman tries to ignore the evil of the orcs, blaming the Dwarves for taking the journey in the first place. (enter UN)

If there was ever a non-supporting-Israel union of people, it is without a doubt the UN. It’s actually become quite a joke in Israel, being blamed for everything that goes wrong in the Middle East. It’s no secret they support Palestine (and even Hamas) with their statements and policies over Israel.

Saruman is as corrupt as a wizard gets, ultimately losing his “neutral” status and joining the Evil Side. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in my comparison to him and the UN… the question is just how long do we have before they completely cross over as he did.

(Coming up next: The Great Eagles) 



5 comments on “The Hobbit meets The Israeli/Palestinian Conflict: Saruman

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  2. I wish there were more people aware & going deeper regarding Tolkien’s work, as you are, Maureen. 🙂 Most just go to his movies or read his books for entertainment. Few consider the author, the times, the world, and the correlation in his writings that are so far reaching. I have run across Christians who have adamently come against Tolkien’s writings putting prohibitions on it simply because they heard of its characters, (i.e. wizards, orcs, etc.) and the magic and such involved, saying it is of the devil & darkness. (I kid you not!) Then there are those who go clearly off a deep end of their own conjurings regarding his work. .

    • Thanks, Martha! I have also seen comments from these type of people, especially when it comes to things like wizards. Harry Potter also brings them out. LOL

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you on the U.N. When I first discovered that their building in France was purposely designed to look like the Tower of Babel, I had heard enough to form an opinion, not to mention their failure to help nation (like Rwanda) and Israel. I believe they’ve done more harm than good. I love Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, both men clearly loved the Lord and were such brilliant writers/scholars. I love having deep discussions of this kind where you dwell on the meaning of things and make connections to our world today! 🙂

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