A Tale of Two Cities: Jerusalem vs Tel Aviv

Has your heart ever been divided? Split between two worlds? Two loves? Two jobs? Two homes?

My heart has often been divided between various places for some time now… The States, Brasil, Africa… But recently a new type of division popped up.

The Tale of Two Cities: Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Tel Aviv: My home for the past four years. Big City. Lots to do. Lots going on. The city that never sleeps. Beach. Fun. Craziness.

Jerusalem: The Capitol of Israel. Historic. Religious. Touristic. Quiet on Shabbat and Quiets my soul.

I am attracted to both cities for very different reasons. Tel Aviv is my home. I know the city. I know the people. All the modern comforts of life are here. The beach is my escape and the Chinese Dive close to my place is my craving. It’s the NYC of Israel and I must admit, despite all the madness, I love it!

But then there’s Jerusalem. The Old City. The new light rail. Tradition and Culture. It’s my escape away from Tel Aviv. I love the mixture of old and new. I love the feeling I get when I’m there. Shabbat is actually Shabbat. The Hills surrounding the city are a fortress. When I’m there I want to stay. When I’m away I want to return.


The city girl inside of me is Tel Aviv and the spiritual girl inside of me is Jerusalem…. And this Tale of Two Cities is my division.

Maybe I should leave them both behind and head north?!? LOL




Tel Aviv


4 comments on “A Tale of Two Cities: Jerusalem vs Tel Aviv

  1. I’ve only been in and out of Tel Aviv going and coming from the airport – at night, so I can’t relate to that side of your conundrum. But, I loved the walls and stones and streets of Jerusalem!

  2. Mo, it’s not that they are more than an hour apart… And you live right next to the bus station, and can get off near your friends… Consider long weekends there… 3-4 days to get a feel for the place as a resident, non-tourist. Someone like you probably can live fully, joyously anywhere. Living two years (half each) there, I felt the sting of prejudice, distrust of the “other” more there than in TLV. And that sealed the deal despite many family and friends in Jm.

  3. I definitely choose Jerusalem as my favorite between these two. Although to be honest, I haven’t spent much time in Tel Aviv as I fell in love with Jerusalem and ended up changing my holiday plans and spening most of my time there.

  4. I hope to explore both cities soon….I can see that it would be easy to fall in love with either choice. I am sure I will also fall in love with each for their similarities and their differences!

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