It’s not always NICE

IMG_0273I’m gonna be 100% raw with this post, because sometimes the truth just needs to be set free.

I hear all the time how NICE it is what I do. Non-profit work. Working with the poor, castaways, giving to those less fortunate… and yes, on the surface it is really NICE.

But everyone knows there’s always two sides to each coin. And it’s not always NICE. It’s more than often EXHAUSTING!

Questioning every day whether or not you’re actually making a difference in a life?

Wondering what you’ve truly accomplished after 12 years of giving yourself to others?

Investing emotionally, physically, spiritually to the masses, only to come home alone each night.

To give your all, but receive little in return.

To feel completely broken and lonely more than once.

Friends constantly coming and going, family growing up without you, weddings, births, deaths… all of which you are absent.

Having your heart simultaneously split into pieces around the world.

Sounds pretty NICE, eh?!?

Yet, this is the life I CHOSE. No one forced me into it. I could walk away at any moment, yet I choose stay. Because within the pains comes the blessings… and I’ve been blessed beyond measure these past 12 years.

But there are just days when exhaustion trumps NICE

And Today is one of those days.

NICE isn’t always so glamorous…. but on any given day, it’s still pretty nice.


12 comments on “It’s not always NICE

  1. Dearest Mo, Thank you for speaking from your heart. I hear you, sister. It’s a delicate dance you and others do when crossing artificial boundaries between people, nations, faiths, circumstances. Leaving comfort zones and opening up to realities sometimes so horrifying, disgusting, frightening, sickening, and dangerous on multiple levels can be a very bad trip. Also, opening up to our own and our neighbors’ streets, dreams, hopes, and accomplishment in the face of infinite challenges and mountains of negativity often hurts as much as it amazes and energizes! Life is a blue-plate special. Our choices often allow no substitutes. When we choose the road less traveled, sometimes we give up warmth in winter, cool in summer. And yet in doing so, we choose what’s liberating (from prejudices we didn’t even recognize in ourselves) — freeing up energies to focus on basics, and thereby recognizing and appreciating all the blessings and the gifts. Mo, keep being and becoming! And speaking from your heart.

  2. ” Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.” As Pastor Lee said in his Give it Away sermon this weekend, when life is done it all goes” back in the box” (a quote his grandpa would say to him when they played Monopoly) but the eternal rewards will last. It’s not easy but you certainly are making many memories along the way.

  3. I’m late to this party but wow….you just went all Falafelinthehood on it!

    Funny is that nice is not a word I would have ever used to describe what you do. Selfless, giving, grace are probably more in line.

    Here is what I love about this post. I meet people every day that think they would love doing what you do yet very few could hack it because it has to be exhausting. They go on one mission trip to Mexico, hang out with kids for a few days, eat tacos and then come back pontificating about how it is their calling. (yo, I just used pontificating in a sentence…top that).

    Here is what I know. You are one of the select few that can do this and we love you for it. Keep it up. The work you do is extraordinary.

    Oh, yeah…btw….there was a little Falafelinthehood for ya.

  4. Love you, Maureen! I’m so proud of you for the life you chose! I think you’re pretty brave and have no doubt that God is smiling over your life! ❤

  5. Been there done “Nice”, still believe in it. After surviving Russia for three years the word has a new meaning “N’othing “I”nside “C”an be “E”vaded. There is nothing nice about nice. It’s all a state of mind. It’s in the being, the good, bad, and ugly.

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