A Question to all the Christians in the World…

I want to share a story with you…

One night a few weeks ago, as we were watching TV, we heard a commotion down on the street. Upon rushing to the window to see what it was, we discovered it was a homeless man in a wheelchair, stuck in the middle of the road.  He was either drunk, high, or probably both of the above; nevertheless, he was too gone to move.

He had rolled up against my boyfriend’s car (parked on the side of the road) while his head continually bobbed back and forth. My boyfriend looked at me and asked, “what is he doing?” to which I replied, “I think he’s just trying to stay awake”.

Cars slowly drove by and people walked past, but no one offered to help move him from the street.  After a minute or two my bf asked if I thought he is ok. I said, “Why don’t you go find out?

I wasn’t exactly expecting him to do so, as he isn’t the most thrilled with the streets of South Tel Aviv at night, but he did.  I watched from my window as he went downstairs, approached the man, asked him if he could help, then pulled his wheelchair safely to the sidewalk.

I assumed he would be right back up, so I returned to watching TV.

Five minutes or so had passed and he still wasn’t back up. I went to the window to see what what happening when I saw him standing there talking to him… asking him personal questions… finding out what his situation is.

What happened next literally brought tears to my eyes.  He walked down to the store, bought some water for this man, helped him drink (he couldn’t do it himself), and gave a little money for food.  A small gesture in the scheme of life, but a wonderful one, indeed. I’m pretty sure at that very moment I was looking down on him exactly as God was, our hearts melting with love, at such a beautiful moment…..

These past couple weeks have been difficult ones for me.  I have felt judged, looked down on, preached to, and the cause of disappointment to others: all because of one single decision I made to Stand by My Man (as Tammy Wynette sings).

Because he’s Jewish. Not Christian.

And we could debate this issue with this and that, and what one person believes and what someone else does, what the Bible says here and what it says there….

But, instead I’ll just ask one simple question:

When was the last time you got off of your comfortable Christian couch, stepped outside, and helped someone else out of their “wheelchair”?

(Actions always speak louder than words)


4 comments on “A Question to all the Christians in the World…

  1. Hi 🙂 I’m a Christian. In the world. I’ve read your question. Wanna hear my answer?

    It was heartwarming to read about your boyfriend’s authentically human response to that man in need. And it was quite charming to hear you talk about it with so much obvious love and admiration in your voice. As you can imagine, we readers would find it LESS charming if your boyfriend were the one telling the story and not yourself… it would make us wonder if he was really sincere in helping the man, or whether it was a self-serving act that gave him bragging rights.

    In the same way, I’m guessing you’re not REALLY expecting any Christian to respond to your question “when was the last time…” with actual accounts of the last times they put themselves out to help another. I’m assuming the question is rhetorical, designed to express your pain/frustration at how you’ve been treated by Christians in your life. I don’t know you, so I’m not even going to GO there.

    I will say this, though.

    Let’s leave individual religious groups out of it for a minute and simply examine the human condition. Far too many of us, from all different belief systems, are too concerned with our own comfort, so much so that we often fail to see and alleviate the genuine need of others. Thank you for asking this question, for issuing this challenge to us to examine ourselves and our actions to see if we are really living what we profess to believe in an authentically human and loving way.

    I can’t speak for all Christians, but I can speak for myself.
    I need to do better in this department.

    • Thank you for your comment. I appreciate your honesty 🙂 I can tell you that my bf didn’t even want me to write about him… he is the last person who would do anything for bragging rights. But, you are right in that you don’t know him and are absolutely free to question his (and my motives) as well.

      Yes, it was a rhetorical question in theory, but I would love to hear someone’s story if they would be willing to share it.

      And you are completely right about being concerned with our own comfort. I am guilty of doing that as well…. I think we all are as human beings. It wasn’t only a challenge to others, but to myself as well. Before I am quick to throw a stone, I better be looking at my own life…


  2. Hi there! I know what I’m going to say isn’t the direction of your question but here goes. As far as your relationship with your BF, I think as a Christian we are not to judge, criticize, demean anyone because of their/your choice. We are to pray earnestly for our brother or sister and most importantly Love our neighbor. My husband has said as Christians we tend to shoot our wounded. (Not that you are wounded) but you get the idea. Instead of loving encouragement we beat the heck out of them, and move on to our next victim. We are NOT called to that.
    Anyway, that’s my two cents worth.
    BTW, it was act of kindness for another human being that your BF did and it warms my heart to know there are people who care about others. 💟

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