Missing: All Things Fall

Fall in Israel? Not exactly overflowing with the nostalgic memories of growing up in the Midwest. While you won’t hear me complaining about the gorgeous, warm, sunny weather we still have end of October, my heart is longing for all things Fall that are happening back home….

It usually happens around this time every year: the pining for home during the holidays. Sites like Pinterest and Facebook only increase my cravings; yet instead of staying away, I just keep coming back for more (like a moth to a flame):

  • The Changing of the Colors of Leaves
  • Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (anything pumpkin for that matter!)
  • Football games in the Crisp Fall Air
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Cozy sweaters
  • Hot Apple Cider

You get the point!

We actually walked all around the shuk (market) the other day searching for a normal sized pumpkin. Found a few tiny ones and some ginormous white ones, but no where to be found was a single carvable-sized pumpkin! Seriously! Is it too much to ask to find one pumpkin to carve in order to thirst my Halloween Desires? I’m not asking for Candy Corn or Pumpkin flavored Peeps… just one stinkin’ pumpkin!

What’s more is I know this is only the beginning of a three month-long desert in the holiday oasis… we still have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years ahead of us: presumably the Top Holidays of Pinterest!

Thankfully, there’s Chanukah stuck in there to give us something to celebrate, but seeing that it coincides with Thanksgiving this year is just adding to the stress!

Ohhhhh, the joys of being an American living in Israel….. (Is it Purim yet?!?)



6 comments on “Missing: All Things Fall

  1. I guess when one doesn’t have within their reach the things that give them the most pleasure and happiness, it’s very difficult for them to have the memories but aren’t able to take part in them. And then there are those who take for granted what gives others happiness and joy when it’s so readily available to them. I wish I could send you a big pumpkin to carve, I surely would if I could.

  2. I’m pretty sure you can do all those things from the list in Israel. Besides some minor technical difficulties (like finding a pumpkin), you run a high risk of looking a bit silly sitting near the campfire in your sweater drinking hot apple cider when its 27 degrees outside. I guess you can look at Sukkot as a Mid-East version of a leaf pile though.

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