New Years Resolution

Every year people get crazy motivated on this exact day… December 31. We make promises we can’t keep, set ourselves up for epic goals we can’t achieve, and feel horrible weeks later when we take a tumble down our Resolution mountain.

I’m no stranger to making resolutions that I never kept. I could make a (very long) list of all the promises I broke to myself, literally just days later.  That’s why I gave up on the whole New Years Resolution a long time ago.

A couple years ago my friend, Alece, started a new outlook on the whole idea.  Instead of making multiple statements which we all know we just won’t keep, she chose one word. One simple word. That’s it. Simple, yet effective.

I’ve done it a couple years now, and while I haven’t always kept up the entire year, my word is always there in a small voice, reminding me.

This year I chose the word: HEALTHY

I need to become more healthy in ALL aspects of my life… Having healthy relationships, Speaking in a healthy way to others (which I don’t always do), Maintaining a healthy body, and probably the most important is Cultivating a healthy spiritual/mental life.

And if I don’t always uphold my healthy ways, its ok. The earth won’t open up and swallow me whole or I won’t be banished to the realm of Non-New Years Eve Keepers.  I’ll just pick up where I left off and try a little harder the next time.

See… I’m feeling healthier already 🙂


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