A Sizzling, Fiery Marriage

Everyone who gets married wants to have a hot, sizzling marriage, however that looks. Passion. Romance. Friendship. Intimacy. Forever. I’m no different. I want all these things and more, so when I catch nuggets of wisdom introduced into my life, I hold on to them.

Last week I added a “marriage” nugget to my repertoire, in hopes of implementing it into my life and my marriage. Something insanely simple, yet immensely powerful.

In Hebrew the words for man and woman are quite similar.

Man: איש

Woman: אשה

As you can see they both have two letters in common: (אש) which is the Hebrew word for fire.

When you take out the א and the ש from both man and woman, you are left with two Hebrew letters: י and ה. Together, יה, represent the name of God.

Here’s the nugget that Torah Scholars share from all this:

God created man and then woman to compliment each other… marriage, children, a life together… his plan for us. When a man and woman come together, we all know about the possibility of fire between them. 🙂

Fire is a great thing! We all need heat in our lives, but too much of a great thing, if not moderated can also lead to disaster.  A fire limited only to heat your fireplace is wonderful and provides warmth, but a fire allowed to take over the entire house leads only to a burnt down, destroyed house.

How many of us (especially us women) have been told, “You’re playing with fire!” when it comes to a specific relationship? Sometimes a fiery relationship can be enamoring and even seducing, but it surely isn’t a lasting one. A relationship built on fire alone can be dangerous!

The same goes for the fire in our marriage. If our relationship is based only on fire, it will end up burning us and destroying us both. BUT, with the addition of God into our relationships, we complete the package. Taking us from pure FIRE (אש) and adding GOD (יה) changes us into MAN (איש) and WOMAN (אשה). The original marriage recipe for our lives: Fire + God.


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