The Problem with the “ME” Mentality

By now we’ve all been informed to some capacity of ISIS and their take-over inside the world of terrorism. We’ve seen the beheading videos, we’ve commenting how sick they are, and we might have even shared a post about how disgusted we are. But here is where is ends. After all, we’re not going to get on a plane and fight them ourselves! We’ve got our own problems. That’s a Middle East problem!

But it’s not.

It’s a WORLD problem, but until it hasn’t affected me personally, it’s still “their” issue…..

Tell that to Paris, after their newspaper & kosher supermarket terrorist attack.

Tell that to Copenhagen, after their cafe & Synagogue  terrorist attack.

Tell that to Sydney, after their cafe terrorist attack.

Tell that to the journalists, foreign aid workers, and thousands of lives that have already been taken.

It became a me problem to all of them as soon as it hit their front doors.

But, the problem with the me mentality, is that it’s just too late. It’s too late to start taking action AFTER the problem is at your door. We need to start taking action BEFORE it ends up smacking us right in the face. And this is where Europe has found herself.

I remember a couple of years ago, while traveling in Paris, thinking about this issue. Europe opened her doors — way too wide — and look where it’s headed now.  She stood by while Jews were being terrorized in their own countries. She stood around while Christians were being discriminated against in their own countries. And now she stands idly by while ISIS marches on her doorstep. While they make claims to Rome, Istanbul, and Amsterdam.

And don’t get me started on my home country — the United States. Though I might not live there anymore, I am still an American. And one thing I’ve noticed is that Americans have the exact same me mentality. It wasn’t our problem — until 9/11 happened. It isn’t our problem — even as our own military troops are being surrounded. It even wasn’t our problem — when our own journalists and foreign aid workers were beheaded. We sit back and verbally condemn, while twiddling our thumbs. Maybe we’re waiting until ISIS shows up on our doorsteps too. After all, that’s the me mentality. And it’s got to change.

Where is the Fight Against Evil?

It’s in Jordan, after the death of one of her pilots.

It’s in Egypt, after Coptic Christians are slaughted.

It’s at the Turkey border, with the Kurdish resistance fighting for their lives.

It’s in Israel, after soldiers are killed at the border.

But, where is our fearless leader when our own citizens are being killed? Where is the American pride when one of our own has lost a life?

When will we realize that it’s no longer a me battle we’re fighting here, but a world-wide war?  When will we understand that sitting back and doing nothing means that sooner or later the war will come to our borders? When will we look at the thousands and thousands who are loosing their lives as human beings, not just numbers? I fear for our world, and the “tolerant” mentality we have adopted. I worry that the bubble we have created for ourselves is about to burst at anytime. And I worry about a nation that continues to live with a me mentality, being run by a president who is more concerned about letting his so-called “ally” speak to Congress about the dangers of Iran, than he is about the dangers of Iran, itself.

It’s time to stop thinking only about me and start thinking about others. Our world might look a little different if we all did. 


2 comments on “The Problem with the “ME” Mentality

  1. What do you propose we do about it, except thinking of others? All get on the plane and pick up a gun? Part of the cause for this issue (which I totally agree with by the way) is that there is no easy way to contribute to a solution, except maybe fight a battle on social media.

    • Yes, you’re right, we cannot all get on a plane and pick up a gun. But, we do have a government with military capabilities who can do something about it. If we had some collaborations between governments to stop this, we could make an impact. It’s just disappointing that nothing on this level has been done at this point.

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