My Star Wars Wedding Bliss Moment

I always dreamed that when I got married, I would have this awesome, glorious Star Wars moment. Storm troopers doing a special wedding dance. Vader making a wedding toast. My friends and family giving a Star Was tribute. But none of that happened. In fact, I married a guy who had NEVER even seen Star Wars until I came along. (Image that?!?) So, needless to say, my huge Star Wars wedding moments weren’t on the top of his list for our wedding. 

But, being a determined bride, I managed to slip in my love for Star Wars in a tasteful (and my most favorite) moment at our reception…. The Wedding Cake! 

Let me remind you that I married into a culture that doesn’t even do wedding cakes at their weddings. (Oh, the horror!) So, merging our two cultures together, I had to — of course — have a cake.  And this was my chance to make it whatever I wanted. Needless to say, I decided to use this opportunity to slip in my obsession in a subtle way. 

And it worked! I placed bobble-head figures of Han and Leia as cake toppers and had our DJ play the Star Wars theme song as our cake cutting intro. While my husband wasn’t blown away by the moment, I completely was! It was my own personal moment of Star Wars satisfaction. 

The cool thing was that I had so many people (who also had no idea what Star Wars even was) come up to me and tell me how awesome it was. And now, I even managed to keep our Han and Leia bobble heads displayed in our apartment as tokens of our love! 

Tip to Star Wars lovers whose partners aren’t as enlightened as you: Don’t let go of your lightsaber-filled wedding dreams. You might not be able to have Chewy walk you down the isle, but look for a small way to incorporate your love in a memorable way. 





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