2017: Get Creative!

Looking back at last year’s post for my One Word, I find myself re-living 2016. My word was Hope, something I had struggled with, but found throughout the year. I re-read the words I wrote, seeing how those words actually came to life…

Hope will keep this miracle alive. Hope will give me that glimpse of what I cannot see. Hope will bring me and my husband closer to our dream.

And while somedays, my level of HOPE is closer to 0 than 10, I have to remind myself that no matter what, I cannot lose it.

So, here’s to my year of HOPE…. and hoping that HOPE pays off in the end!

At the end of the year, our hopes and dreams came to fruition, as our first-born daughter was born.

Now I’m head-deep into diapers, 3am feedings, complete lack of sleep and complete lack of time. I struggle to fit in a shower – let alone write – but in the midst of this temporary newborn craziness, I know I must find some moments of sanity and do what I love to do…. write!

Which leads me to my 2017 One Word: Create! I want to get back to my roots and start writing for myself. To create the legacy that I want to leave and create something I am proud of.

And while it might take time, I want to dedicate this upcoming year to bring back creativity into my writing.

So here’s to my year of Creating! (Who knows.. You might just see my creativity in a Barnes and Nobles near you.) 🙂


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