A Sizzling, Fiery Marriage

Everyone who gets married wants to have a hot, sizzling marriage, however that looks. Passion. Romance. Friendship. Intimacy. Forever. I’m no different. I want all these things and more, so when I catch nuggets of wisdom introduced into my life, I hold on to them. Continue reading


My Fairy Tale Wedding in Disguise

Passport in Hand

IMG_5574I’ve never really been a huge romance girl.  Sure, I love watching Romantic Comedies, snuggle up with a good cry, and fantasize about it happening in “real life“.  Running off for The Fairy Tale Wedding in a faraway land.  Always sounded magical, but a little too unrealistic to me….

Until it happened. 

Rewind back a year, and I was literally thinking I might never find my someone.  Living and working in South Tel Aviv with refugees was my life, and meeting possible suitors wasn’t exactly in the cards. I had to leave the country every three months, so this time I decided a trip to Malta was just the ticket.  I headed off alone, unbeknownst to me that I would meet my future husband there (read more about that story here)

We dated a year, got engaged on New Years, and decided to get married…

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