My Israel

I was reminded of an old post I had written, back in 2011 when a random comment appeared in my notification feed. As I went back to re-connect with what I had written, I couldn’t help but relate it (once again) to the situation we are facing as a nation. Almost 5 years have passed, and we are no closer today than we were then….. 
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The Problem with the “ME” Mentality

By now we’ve all been informed to some capacity of ISIS and their take-over inside the world of terrorism. We’ve seen the beheading videos, we’ve commenting how sick they are, and we might have even shared a post about how disgusted we are. But here is where is ends. After all, we’re not going to get on a plane and fight them ourselves! We’ve got our own problems. That’s a Middle East problem!

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Yes, I’m staying here…

It’s been an emotional, heart-wrenching three weeks here in Israel. The Kidnapping and Murder of 3 Israeli Teenagers. A Retaliating Murder of a Palestinian Teenager. An uproar within the Palestinian Community, leading to Hamas sending Rockets. Iron Dome Intercepts. And more Rockets. Iron Dome Intercepts. And more Rockets. Iron Dome Intercepts…. Continue reading